CNN Bursts Into Laughter Over Biden Cocaine Question

Multiple White House sources have confirmed that the package of cocaine was not discovered in the West Wing foyer but rather in a cubby near the West Executive door.

According to two people with knowledge of the probe, investigators want to wrap up their work by Monday. It was thought that the investigation would take a few weeks.

Officials have updated the location where the cocaine was discovered, saying that it, too, is a highly traveled area.

According to the reports, the cocaine was located in a hallway connecting the foyer with the lobby on the ground floor. Some cars, like the vice president’s limousine or SUV, park close to the door. Located on the same floor as the Situation Room and a dining room, it is one story below the main West Wing offices.

Although they are not hopeful, forensic experts continued working on the cocaine package on Thursday.

Meanwhile, the CNN News Central hosts poked fun at the story of cocaine being found in the White House.

Sara Sidner, the co-host, quipped as John Berman finished up the broadcast with the cocaine story, saying that she was curious to know the “blow-by-blow” and who might have been responsible for leaving the cocaine behind.

The fact that “blow” is slang for cocaine was not lost on her coworkers, so she quickly dropped her statement with a giggle.

Berman said to his coworker, “Too soon,” in jest. 

Kate Bolduan shared Sidner’s laughter, declaring, “There’s no ‘too soon’ about this!”

Bolduan reassured her colleagues that it was okay to laugh because no one was injured — as far as reports show, adding that it was an illicit drug at the White House — Why can’t someone laugh about it?

Berman said, “I don’t believe in fun,” to which Bolduan cynically answered, “No, he doesn’t.”