CNN Denies Don Lemon Rumors, But Don Lemon Definitely Left

( According to an article published by The Daily Beast on Sunday night, CNN’s Don Lemon will not be co-hosting CNN This Morning on Monday as a direct result of the words he uttered the previous week criticizing Republican Nikki Haley. According to CNN, the reporting is faulty.

CNN “modified their Monday show to continue without Lemon while ‘conversations over Don’s future’ are ongoing,” as reported by Lachlan Cartwright in the Daily Beast.

Based on a copy of Monday’s itinerary obtained by Daily Beast, Cartwright said that the “on-air lineup” had been changed that afternoon. And he said that “two people acquainted with the topic” have noted that Lemon’s future is uncertain.

In an interview with Mediaite, a CNN official denied the story, stating that Lemon will be taking a little vacation. Throughout the whole of the weekend, cameras have been hard on his trail, and he feels under assault. CNN says he isn’t ready to go back on air just yet.

Lemon is just a tad snowflaky.

On Friday, Lemon did not co-host any programs. He had already announced how much time off he would be taking.

The controversy began when Nikki Haley, who announced her intention to run for president in 2024, revealed her age. Haley’s co-hosts Poppy Harlow and Kaitlan Collins and the internet reacted angrily when Lemon remarked that Haley is “past her prime.”

Tweeting his regret and apologizing for his conduct on a CNN conversation, Lemon clarified how sorry he was for his actions. He said he was “inartful.”

The Daily Beast’s article directly linked Lemon’s comments and his Monday off.

There are ongoing conversations concerning Don’s future, and a person close to the issue is reporting. CNN considers him a chronic source of disruption.

In what is still a burgeoning part of CNN’s morning program line-up, Lemon has already made a couple of huge mistakes.