CNN Host Say Admits Masks Were Off Just For Photo

( On Monday, Jake Tapper tweeted a group photo of him with the CNN staffers who work on his show “The Lead” at their “bakeoff” event.

Immediately Tapper was inundated with replies pointing out that none of the people in the photo were wearing masks. Which seemed odd since CNN is so mask-obsessed.

Twenty minutes later, Tapper added a second tweet pointing out that they only took their masks off for the photo, adding that “generally,” they all wear masks around the office. He then pointed out, “also, we’re all vaccinated.”

What difference could that possibly make?

CNN is all-in that even vaccinated people must always be masked indoors. If Tapper was telling the truth, and he and his staff all wear masks around the office when they’re not all clumped together for a group photo, why wouldn’t they be masked when they are in such close proximity to each other?

The inconsistency surrounding masking is the only consistent thing about masking.

Jake Tapper’s crew gathering close for a maskless photo is no different than Joe Biden moving through a group of Virginia Democrats, shaking hands and hugging people while maskless.

Biden frequently wears a mask while ambling along by himself only to remove the mask when he gets around other people.

While making an appearance in New Jersey last week, Biden coughed into his hand during a speech. Then he walked off without his mask and immediately began shaking hands with other people.

If masks worked, wouldn’t Jake Tapper insist that everyone mask up while they gathered tightly together for a picture?

If social distancing helped, would Jake Tapper and his crew huddle in so closely while maskless?

Tapper, like Biden and the rest of the mask Nazis, knows masks and social distancing don’t make a difference.

As syndicated radio host Jesse Kelly often says, the people telling us to worry about COVID aren’t worried about COVID at all.

It’s all for show.