CNN Runs 5 Minute Report On Judge Jackson’s Hair

( On Monday, the Democrat activists on CNN’s “New Day” ran a 5-minute puff piece about how Biden’s Supreme Court nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson’s hair is inspiring “a generation of women.”

Yeah, really.

CNN “reporter” Adrienne Broaddus opened her fawning “report” gushing that Jackson isn’t just “changing the image of justice” but is also changing the “image of beauty.”

So forget whether she is too radical to sit on the highest court in the land. Just look at her hair!

Broaddus’ report featured hard-hitting interviews with a Chicago hairstylist and her customer who described Jackson’s hair as “inspiring” and “empowering.”

It’s just hair, guys. Calm down.

Then, for the help of the members of the CNN audience who have been living under a rock for the last six months, Broaddus explained in a voice-over that if she is confirmed, Ketanji Brown Jackson will become the first black woman on the Supreme Court.

Hopefully, Broaddus got confirmation from a biologist before making that assertion. After all, how do you define “woman” if you aren’t a biologist?

Another Chicago resident described Jackson’s hair as “the embodiment of blackness” that symbolizes “the pride in embracing who you are.”

Or, she’s just a judge who happens to be a black woman with hair.

A Chicago female attorney complained that she hasn’t been able to wear her hair at work in a way that lets her be her “authentic self.”

Then Broaddus piped in with a voice-over explaining how essential hair is to “black culture” and how it is “often misunderstood.”

After the segment wrapped up, Broaddus added that the “overarching theme” around Ketanji Brown Jackson’s hair is “acceptance.” She claimed that throughout history, black people’s hair has been considered “unattractive” with people believing “the straighter, the prettier.” And for black women and girls, “hair is loaded with so many messages” and “has the power to dictate” how black women are treated and how they feel about themselves.