CNN Sets Record For Smallest Audience On Brian Stelter’s Show

( Now that former President Donald Trump is out of office, CNN is struggling to stay relevant – and potato-lookalike anchor Brian Stelter is suffering really badly.

Stelter’s show “Reliable Source,” which is notorious for pushing known conspiracy theories, debunked claims about former President Donald Trump, and far-left propaganda pitched as “news,” hit a new yearly low on Sunday. The show only attracted 885,000 viewers, marking its least-watched episode of the year.

And we’re only three months into the Biden presidency!

For five of the past six telecasts, Brian Stelter was unable to even hit one million viewers – and it coincides with a declining number of news articles about former President Donald Trump.

It shows just how heavily CNN relied on the former president to attract viewers, regularly and falsely claiming that he was colluding with Russia. In December, CNN announced that 2020 was “CNN’s best year ever,” showing how CNN Tonight with Don Lemon reaching 1.635 million viewers, and Brian Stelter’s show reaching 1.224 million viewers.

And now that 2020 – the year of the COVID-19 pandemic and the hotly contested presidential election – is over, CNN just can’t keep those numbers up anymore.

Fox reported that Monday’s episode of “Reliable Source” has the lowest number of viewers of all of 2021, specifically among the key demographic audience of adults between the ages of 25 and 54. The shockingly famously inaccurate and partisan show drew only 178,000 from its most important demographic.

It means that Stelter simply isn’t attracting viewers who are valuable to advertisers, putting CNN at a major disadvantage – and potentially putting Stelter’s job at risk if he doesn’t start attracting new viewers.

According to “MediaBuzz” on Fox News, Stelter’s show dropped by 9% in its key demographic over the week prior, and a massive 72% over its January 10 showings when CNN was experiencing a brief ratings increase.

CNN’s inability to rely on former President Trump for viewings likely played a part in the viewership decline, but an incredible story from Project Veritas showing how CNN producers actively push “propaganda” may also have played a part. Stelter, who regularly defends the mainstream press, refused to publicly criticize the CNN worker who was caught on camera admitting the extreme bias of the network.

Stelter also failed to even cover the story of his own CNN colleagues being chased by a violent left-wing mob last Wednesday night during riots in Minnesota.

Could this be the end of the most partisan man in American news?