Collapsed Mine Creates Deadly Sinkhole in Alton Soccer Field

After 8:30 a.m. on June 26th, a massive sinkhole resulting from a collapsed underground mine destroyed a significant portion of the Gordon F. Moore soccer park.

Fortunately, no one was hurt.

According to the director of Alton Parks and Recreation, Michael Haynes,  there were no injuries reported. Haynes said that there was a collapse in the underground mine. The surface was impacted, causing a collapse that extended downward.

Haynes was informed that crews were excavating 150 feet beneath the soccer fields. According to his estimation, the sinkhole is at least 50 feet deep and 100 feet broad. The park will seek the expertise of engineers and geologists to develop a plan for the future.

According to Haynes, this is an unprecedented occurrence in the area. He added that the mining company was surprised, too.

For now, the park will remain closed until Wednesday evening, causing planned games to be postponed. The Spencer T. Olin Golf Course has been temporarily closed while the investigation into the reason for the mine collapse is underway.

Haynes mentioned that he is unsure about the duration of the repair because it’s a rare occurrence, and it is important to guarantee safety before proceeding. The Alton School District plans to address the sinkhole issue so that it can continue hosting events, at least during the summer.

Haynes expressed gratitude to anyone willing to step up in the area and take over any of the activities that are being postponed.

618 Drone Service took pictures of the situation and posted them online.

The area will be blocked for a while, as the presence of barriers and police ensures that spectators stay away. From what Haynes could tell, the remainder of the park was open but not on the lots next to the soccer field. The remainder of the golf course and baseball fields will be kept open.