Congressman Asks If Hunter Biden Might Be Enabling Backdoor Access To Father

( The media and the White House might be doing their best to tamp down any talk about what a tremendous liability Hunter Biden is to his father the President. But they certainly aren’t succeeding on all fronts.

Whether it’s the explosive details coming from Hunter’s abandoned laptop, the myriad examples of influence peddling in his deals with foreign countries, or the top-dollar sale prices for his childish “paintings,” Hunter Biden remains an albatross hanging around his father’s neck.

And Republicans in Congress aren’t afraid to point that out.

In an interview on One America News this weekend, James Comer, a Republican on the House Oversight and Investigation Committee, said he is pushing for an investigation into the sale of Hunter’s over-priced “art.” To Comer’s thinking, there is simply no way to dismiss the possibility that Hunter’s art sales are being used to sell backdoor access to the President.

Watch HERE.

On Monday, during a hearing on the Afghanistan withdrawal before the House Foreign Affairs Committee, Pennsylvania Republican Scott Perry blindsided Secretary of State Antony Blinken by asking him about “your recent interview with the FBI” regarding Hunter Biden.

Caught completely off guard, the stunned Blinken claimed he didn’t know what Perry was referring to.

Perry pressed on, asking Blinken if he didn’t have an interview with the FBI since becoming Secretary of State. The stuttering Blinken repeated that he wasn’t sure what Perry was referring to, adding he would be happy to “take that up with you offline.”

Perry then asked if the State Department had turned over to the FBI any documents related to Hunter Biden, Burisma or Blue Star Strategies.

Blinken began to deflect and Perry cut him off asking “So you have no knowledge of this? Are you saying you have not had an interview with the FBI since becoming Secretary of State?”

Blinken claimed it would be inappropriate for him to comment “in a public forum” regarding any legal proceedings involving the State Department. Again, Perry cut him off and said that he wasn’t asking for comment on the legal proceedings, only if Blinken had been interviewed by the FBI since becoming Secretary of State.

Fortunately for Blinken, the agony ended when Foreign Affairs Committee Chair, Democrat Gregory Meeks, cut in to remind Perry that the hearing was about the Afghanistan withdrawal. Perry remarked that since the Secretary of State is generally refusing to answer questions on Afghanistan, “I just figured we’d talk about something he should be intimately familiar with.”

Perry then tried to press Blinken again, asking if he sought to alter any of his testimony from last year’s Senate investigation into Hunter Biden. But Meeks struck his gavel and moved on to another committee member before Blinken was forced to answer.