Constantinos E. Scaros Says Biden Is Violating Article IV of the Constitution 

According to a journalist, the Biden administration’s careless approach to border security arguably has serious constitutional implications.  The key word here is “arguably,” since definitive proof that would lead to impeachment is very improbable and would likely simply help to bolster Biden’s poll ratings.

Think about the staggering number of illegal aliens who cross the border every day, a problem made far worse by Biden’s weak stance on the issue. He doesn’t seem to consider its avoidance a top priority. There is more on that and his violation of Article IV,  here.

People who want to enter the country illegally are aware of this fact. They are aware that Donald Trump’s predecessor, Joe Biden, often spoke about constructing a wall and eliminating illegal entrance and stay, so they see this as an opportunity to strike before another president with a stricter stance on immigration enters the office.  

A report reveals that under the Biden Administration, there has been an increase in the number of Known or Suspected Terrorists (KST) apprehended at US border entry ports. A fresh report indicates that 284 KSTs have been arrested so far in 2023.

According to reports, the US/ Canada border accounted for 176 of these detentions.

US Representative Nick Langworthy, a Republican from New York, is a member of the Northern Border Security Caucus. He argues that gangs transporting people and narcotics through the porous Southern border would be foolish not to extend their networks to the North.

According to CBP statistics, there was an approximate thirty percent spike in ‘gotaways’ and a ten percent rise in apprehensions in Arizona in February of 2023.

The Arizona District Attorney’s office said on March 11 that a Mexican national was arrested on March 8 for allegedly carrying over a million tablets that were later determined to contain fentanyl and were intended for distribution across the state. Arizona Border Patrol officers recently confiscated enough fentanyl tablets to kill over a million people, just from Nogales Port of Entry.