Couple Arrested After Cops Find Drugged Kitten In Car

A couple from Utah were taken into custody after the discovery of their 6-week-old cat, which was discovered in a sandwich container filled with feces. The container also tested positive for methamphetamine.

Police were sent to a Salt Lake City suburb parking lot on Monday after the couple was found slumped down in the front seats of their car.

Authorities discovered a 6-week-old cat with meth in her system locked in a duct-taped plastic sandwich container; the pair is now in prison, and the kitten is recovering.

In addition to her wounded eye, singed fur, bruises on her temple, and brain trauma, she had endured what the vet called “horrific maltreatment.” She tested positive for amphetamines and meth in preliminary testing.

The medical staff gave her the name Athena.

Since leaving the oxygen chamber, Athena’s health has improved from critical to stable.

Still, the doctor warned that the Siamese kitten may have permanent damage to her brain from head trauma and chemical exposure and that she might become blind in her right eye. Fluids and pain medicine are being administered to her, and her weight is a mere 1.24 pounds.

Justin Epperson, 45, and Emily Allred, 41, were arrested.

Police discovered them in a vehicle that was illegally camped in the city. According to Angel Paws Veterinary Services, officers responded to a faint “meow” coming from the vehicle and discovered the cat inside a triangle Tupperware-style container, with only her head sticking out of the narrow end. The cat was taken to the clinic and spent the night on an oxygen tank.

According to court documents, 45-year-old Justin Epperson is facing charges of controlled substance possession and drug paraphernalia in addition to animal torture.

In addition to many traffic violations, 41-year-old Emily Allred faced similar charges.

Upon their detention, they were also found coated in cat fur, according to a local source.