CPP Says China Can Force Taiwan To Comply

(RepublicanInformer.com)- The People’s Republic of China’s (PRC) President Xi Jinping vowed on Sunday that the CCP’s (CCP) right to use force against Taiwan would “never” be abandoned.

China has always “respected, cared for, and benefitted” the people of Taiwan, according to Xi during his address at the beginning of the CCP’s 20th party congress in Beijing, but he asserted that settling the conflict is “the Chinese people’s own business.”

According to Reuters, he said that it was up to the Chinese people to determine whether or not to resolve the Taiwan problem.

The Chinese leader then underscored that, despite his desire for “peaceful reunification,” the use of force is not entirely ruled out.

“With the greatest sincerity and best efforts, we insist on working toward the possibility of peaceful reunification, but we will never pledge to give up the use of force and retain the right to take all necessary steps.”

The president said that the possibility of employing force is focused on “intervention” from outside parties and a “very tiny number” of pro-independence Taiwanese, not the vast majority of Taiwanese.

The motherland must be fully united, and it must be united! The historical wheels of national reunification and national rejuvenation are turning ahead.

His comments elicited “long and loud applause in the conference hall,” according to the Chinese state-affiliated media source Global Times.

Taiwan’s presidential office responded by stating that the island is a sovereign and independent state.

Taiwan’s stance was clear. It said in a statement that meeting on the battlefield is not an option for the two sides of the Taiwan Strait. There will be no national sovereignty retreat and compromise on democracy and freedom.

The office said that this is the consensus of Taiwan’s people. They added that the national security team closely monitored events in the legislature.

As China’s military action increased after the visit of US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to the island, tensions between China and Taiwan reached a crescendo in August.

Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen underlined her willingness to have negotiations with Beijing on Monday.

“I want to make clear to the Beijing authorities that military conflict is not an option for our two sides,” Tsai said.

Su Tseng-chang, the premier of Taiwan, told reporters on Sunday that Xi should concentrate on his people.