Cuban Embassy In Paris Attacked

( Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez revealed on Monday that the Cuban Embassy in Paris was hit by Molotov cocktails. Rodriguez blamed the United States government for a so-called “continuous campaign” against the country, and for allegedly encouraging “calls for violence.”

There is no evidence to suggest that the United States has encouraged violence, though most democratically elected leaders in the United States firmly stand with the people of Cuba and against the corrupt communist Cuban government.

Rodriguez made the claims in a tweet on Monday, describing how the embassy was hit by gasoline bombs, but didn’t provide any more information about what happened.

In a press release issued by the Foreign Ministry’s International Press Center, it was further revealed that two of the Molotov cocktails hit the embassy and caused a fire in the building. The flames were reportedly put out by diplomats in the building, and French firefighters eventually arrived at the scene once the fire was put out.

In the Twitter post, Rodriguez provided no evidence that the United States called on people to throw Molotov cocktails at the Cuban embassy.

It’s not the only embassy to come under attack in recent weeks, however. Protesters have erupted at Cuban embassies all over the world in response to the Cuban government’s anti-freedom actions, including a major crackdown on demonstrators calling for an end to communism.

The words “Cuba Libre” were reportedly painted outside of the Cuban Embassy in Washington, D.C., which means “Free Cuba.”

On Monday, the United States joined 20 other countries in signing a statement that calls on Cuba to respect the freedoms of the “universal rights” of the people of Cuba, and called on the government to allow the “free flow of information” to all citizens of the country.

What do you think the chances of that happening are?