Dan Bongino Takes Action Against Fox News For Censoring Trump Interview

(RepublicanInformer.com)- Fox News has been trying to claw back its conservative viewer base recently, hiring firebrands Trey Gowdy and Dan Bongino to air their own shows on the network. However, TV and radio host Bongino is hitting out at his new employer, criticizing them for the way in which they edited his show.

Bongino said that Fox News’ edit of his interview with former President Donald Trump, in which he called the 2020 presidential election “fake,” was totally unacceptable.

Trump made the comment during an interview that was aired in full on Saturday night on Fox News, but when it was later uploaded to YouTube, it didn’t include the section where the president criticized the election over evidence of widespread fraud and misconduct. The decision was obviously made by Fox in an effort to avoid being removed from YouTube, which specifically has a policy of banning videos that contain claims that the last election was affected by fraud.

Even with evidence of fraud, to the tune of tens of thousands of illegal votes in various swing states, as noted by Matt Braynard and the Voter Integrity Project, YouTube just doesn’t want to hear it.

Bongino received a substantial backlash from his viewers, many of whom called him a “sellout” or a “traitor” – but he soon revealed that it was Fox editors who changed the content, and not him.

Bongino updated his viewers and insisted that he does not control the Fox News YouTube account, but that he does work with then and that he is working on a “definitive resolution” in response to what happened.

He said that, even with the YouTube rules in place, editing the interview was “not acceptable” and that he “won’t accept it.”

He encouraged his viewers to wait and find out what the resolution will be, and that they shouldn’t expect him to just forget about it and pretend it will blow over.

Could Fox News perhaps be moving to an alternative video hosting site that doesn’t implement these kind of restrictions?

Rumble, perhaps?

Let’s hope so!