DC Attorney Says Objectors “Had Every Right” To Object To Election Results

(RepublicanInformer.com)- This past week, it was bizarre to see a progressive Democrat public defender defend a Trump supporter’s constitutional rights in a federal courtroom in Washington, DC.

Natasha Taylor-Smith is a rare exception to the rule, even if some may argue that she was only doing her job by defending Kyle Fitzsimons, one of her clients. Many J6 public defenders have given up on their clients entirely.

Taylor-Smith’s opening statement in support of January 6th prisoner Kyle Fitzsimmons set the tone for the trial and demonstrated her fighting spirit. Here are a few choice lines:

-Where there is smoke, there is fire, according to the proverb, and Mr. Fitzsimmons had the impression that he was viewing a massive conflagration.

-All that needed to happen was for the State’s Legislatures to come together on January 6th and object to the certification. They had every right to do so. And each of them had taken an oath to protect our Constitution, and that included ensuring free and fair elections. It was their responsibility. And if the Congressmen did that, and they found there to be irregularities, they would act.

America may still have some hope.

Many leftist public defenders working on January 6th cases are unable to look past their clients’ political disagreements. They actively push their clients to publicly denounce Trump and their convictions to curry favor with the court. These public lawyers have forced their clients to accept absurdly lengthy sentences. Many people have been careless in offering sufficient defenses.

Taylor-Smith has performed her job admirably and fought hard for her client Kyle Fitzsimons. He acknowledged that he had a right to his views. It is regrettable to remark that this period in our history is so extraordinarily wayward that it is worth mentioning.

Fitzsimons has been held in DC Gitmo’s pre-trial confinement for a year and a half. In addition to civil disruption, disorderly conduct in a restricted facility and grounds, and assaulting three law enforcement personnel, he is accused of 11 fabricated criminal offenses. He could spend several years in jail. Taylor-Smith has stunningly demonstrated his innocence.