Dem Indiana Sheriff Joins Republicans Amid Far-Left Riots

( Sheriff David Wedding of Vanderburgh County, who has been elected twice as a Democrat in his county, joined the Republican Party on Thursday. Wedding gave a speech in which he slammed his former party for not taking a strong enough stance on far-left radicalism, for their failed policies, and for the ongoing unrest.

The Associated Press reports that Wedding also cited the lack of support for law enforcement officers from the Democratic Party as a reason why he decided to leave and join the Republicans instead.

“I’m tired of seeing fires set in our streets,” he said. “I’m tired of people defying God, our church, our police, our government and everything we stand for.”

Wedding also gave an interview to local news station 44 News Evansville, in which he said he was “shocked” by the events unfolding in Seattle and Portland.

“They’re not protesting, they’re rioting, and they’re putting police officers’ lives in danger every single night, and as a sheriff, I couldn’t imagine putting my deputies in that situation,” he said.

It comes as yet another police union endorses President Donald Trump during the unrest initiated by Democrat voters. This time, it came from the biggest police union in the United States, in Colorado. Several other police unions have either broken their tradition of not endorsing a candidate in an election or like in New York, switched their support from the Obama/Biden administration to the Trump/Pence administration despite Biden being on the ticket for the Democrats this year.

Sheriff Wedding has already faced intense criticism for daring to speak out against radicalism in the Democratic party. In an attempt not to appear bitter, the local Vanderburgh County Democratic Party said they were disappointed and dismissed Wedding’s concerns as…well, not real.

“While we are disappointed with Dave Wedding’s decision to leave the Democratic party, we are more disappointed with the reasoning he provided the community for his choice,” the party said. “We are aware that there are many conversations regarding police reform on a national level. However, Sheriff Wedding knows that the Democratic majorities on the County Commissioners and City Council have been strong and consistently supportive of local law enforcement.”

Perhaps the sheriff also knows that this isn’t as true as they think it is, or that those local officials don’t have sufficient power over the national Democrat politicians and the righteous left-wing mob that controls them.

Wedding is supporting President Donald Trump in the November election, but remains supportive of some local Democratic officials who he acknowledged don’t support the radical agenda of many in the modern Democratic Party.

“We have some strong Democrats in Evansville and Vanderburgh County. I’ve supported them in the past and won’t turn my back on them in the future. There’s certain ones that have earned my trust and respect, and I won’t desert them because I’ve turned Republican. We do have some really good Democrat leaders in Vanderburgh County,” he said.

Who else thinks there will be more like Wedding if the Democrats don’t get their act together?