Democrat Chrissy Houlihan won’t Run For Senate

( Speaking to the Philadelphia Inquirer, Democratic Rep. Chrissy Houlahan of Pennsylvania said that she does not plan to run for the vacant Pennsylvania Senate seat in 2022.

The Democrat politician, who is known as a “prolific fundraiser,” was widely expected to turn her focus to the United States Senate, but she told the Inquirer that she plans to seek re-election for her House seat instead. It means that Democrat candidates will have one less high-profile contender to go up against.

Houlahan was widely considered the leader in the race to take the party’s nomination to take the seat of Republican Senator Pat Toomey who announced his retirement plans in October. The seat will play a major role in determining which party will maintain control of the Senate. As it stands, the Senate is split evenly, with Kamala Harris casting a deciding vote as the Vice President.

The 2022 midterm elections present an opportunity for the Republicans to capitalize on President Joe Biden’s appalling performance so far, and to take back control of the Senate and make it more difficult for the Democrats to pass extremist legislation.

With Houlahan out of the race, eyes now turn to Rep. Conor Lamb, another Democratic Pennsylvania congressman who is reportedly gearing up to take the nomination. In May it was revealed that Lamb was telling some of his biggest donors to start making contributions to his campaign ahead of an official launch. He started with $1.1 million in cash in March, and according to his more recent filings, that has now increased to $3.5 million – a substantial war chest.

Houlahan said that she chose to stay in the House because she wanted to find her “highest best use.”

This may be true…but it may also be true that she doesn’t think she can win the seat.

And with Biden overseeing a major immigration crisis, an economic crisis, and crises with Israel and Russia, it’s not hard to see why Democrats might think they can’t take the seat.