Democrat Leader Forced To Delete Message After Backlash

( A Democratic state representative from Wisconsin just said the quiet part out loud, admitting that parents shouldn’t have a say in their children’s education and that they should be forced to pay extortionate school fees if they do want to have some influence.

Rep. Lee Snodgrass, who represents a district in Appleton, is also the Second Vice-Chair of the Wisconsin Democrats. On Thursday, she posted a vile message on Twitter that said:

“If parents want to ‘have a say’ in their child’s education, they should home school or pay for private school tuition out of their family budget.”

And it didn’t take long until people called her out on her obviously classist, tone-deaf, and insulting message. Snodgrass’s comments appeared to imply that parents are unreasonable to object to anything being taught in the schools, as if somehow the school boards are beyond reproach and never make bad decisions.

Snodgrass didn’t explain why she believes that everything these school boards say is right, nor did she address the obvious fact that if the school boards leaned more conservative, she’d be saying the exact opposite.

The tweet was even noticed by Texas Rep. Chip Roy, but only after Snodgrass deleted it.

“So, @RepSnodgrass deleted this tweet. No wonder. It’s astoundingly tone-deaf – choosing to support freedom only for the rich & forcing everyone to subsidize indoctrination of children through forced taxation without ‘having a say.’” He said.

After deleting the classist tweet, Rep Snodgrass said that she deleted it because it was “lacking in nuance” and was “easily misinterpreted.”

Interesting. Was it easily misinterpreted? Or was it exactly what she meant?

“I wouldn’t want anyone to think that parents do not have a role in their child’s public education,” she said, before adding that all parents should vote in school board elections, join PTOs, and meet with teachers.

Do you believe her?

Then, in another tweet, Snodgrass tried to clarify her point by saying that public schools should be fully funded and that “diverting funds away from our public schools only makes it harder for parents to have the relationships we deserve with our kids’ teachers and their schools.”

It’s just not believable, is it?