Democrat Socialist Infrastructure Deal Loses Tons Of Support

( While West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin is voicing concerns over the bloated, phony $3.5 trillion “infrastructure” spending bill from the side of fiscal sanity, his Democrat colleague Mark Warner of Virginia is concerned that the bill, in its current form, isn’t spending enough.

On Sunday, Warner told Axios that he cannot support the bill aas it is now because the proposal falls short in its efforts to tackle supposed “racial inequalities” in housing. What Warner wants is to increase spending to allow for more federal housing assistance.

Of course, because the $3.5 trillion price tag isn’t enough spending.

Warner was one of the Democrats who initially helped craft the $3.5 trillion boondoggle. But now he thinks the $600 million in funding for first-time homebuyers falls short.

Don’t pop the champagne just yet, though.

Unlike Democrat Senator Kyrsten Sinema, who is a firm no on this bill, Warner isn’t a firm no. Instead, he plans to work with his colleagues to increase funding so that “the American dream of homeownership and wealth creation” are more accessible to “historically disadvantaged communities.”

Because apparently that’s “infrastructure.”

As they did with the COVID “relief” bill in March, Warner wants Democrats to make sure racial quotas are baked in to this monstrous bill. He wants the bill to “address longstanding inequities of power and opportunity” which he claims keep black families from owning homes or earning as much as “their white counterparts.”

Because race-based federal programs are infrastructure.

Though, they also get slapped down in the courts.

As it is, this $3.5 trillion proposal plans to expand the welfare state in unprecedented ways – funding “universal” preschool and “free” community college, plus providing federal rental and housing assistance.

But even that still isn’t enough for Mark Warner.

Manchin’s beef with the bill is its already-astronomical price tag. Earlier this month, Manchin let Democrats knows that he couldn’t possibly support any version of the bill that exceeds $1.5 trillion.

Warner’s complaint is they aren’t spending enough.

So while Bernie Sanders (who is driving this bus in the Senate) is attacking Manchin, he is no doubt going to be willing to work with Warner in order to give him what he wants.