Democratic Senator Turns On Biden In Stunning Betrayal

Senator Michael Bennet, a Democratic representative from Colorado, voiced his disagreement with President Joe Biden’s recent action to suspend the approval of new liquefied natural gas (LNG) export projects. During an appearance on “Fox News Sunday,” Bennet suggested that this policy could negatively affect the United States’ ability to supply gas to Europe, which is currently seeking alternatives to Russian exports.

Biden’s decision, made in late January, aimed to strike a balance between his climate goals and supporting Europe during Russia’s war on Ukraine. However, it has faced dissent from his party, including Bennet, who believes the decision is short-sighted and could have negative consequences.

Colorado, Bennet’s home state, is a major producer of natural gas, and he emphasized the importance of American LNG in replacing the gas that Russia previously supplied to Europe. He noted that the United States possesses significant strategic strength in its energy resources, both clean energy and fossil fuels.

Russia has historically been a significant supplier of oil and gas to Europe. However, since Moscow invaded Ukraine in February 2022, Europe has been increasingly reliant on U.S. LNG. This shift has helped diversify Europe’s energy sources and reduce its dependence on Russian supplies.

Although Bennet opposed Biden’s choice, he left his stance on backing any legislative action to overturn it unclear. The future impact of this matter in Congress is yet to be determined, especially considering that the Republican-majority House has already approved a measure to revoke Biden’s authority to halt gas export approvals.

Despite the concerns raised by Bennet and others, a European Commission official has stated that Biden’s decision will not impact U.S. supplies to Europe in the next two or three years. This reassurance suggests that contingency plans are in place to ensure a continued flow of LNG to the region.

As the debate unfolds, the issue of LNG exports and their impact on Europe’s energy security will continue to be discussed among lawmakers. The Biden administration faces the challenge of balancing its climate goals with the need to support allies amid geopolitical tensions. Finding a solution that addresses both concerns will be crucial in maintaining stability and energy supply for Europe in the coming years.