Democrats Admit Defeat For Amnesty Fight In Latest Spending Package

( Senate Republicans and Democrats are working on a budget reconciliation package that would only need a majority to pass, but Democratic Senator Dick Durbin said that amnesty for illegal immigrants will not make it into the bill, according to Breitbart.

The stunning admission of failure comes after last year’s attempt to include amnesty in the reconciliation bill. In a $3.5 trillion dollar budget reconciliation package, Democrats wanted to slip in a provision that would effectively give over seven million illegal aliens citizenship. A move that was shut down by Senate Parliamentarian Elizabeth MacDonough.

Another plan that is failing is backed by west coast Republicans which would give green cards to as many as two million illegal aliens. In addition to this, Democrats are attempting a sneaky provision called a daily rolling amnesty plan that would give illegals green cards “every single year by changing a little-known registry date in federal immigration law.” But, as Breitbart reports, this is also likely to fail, leaving Democrats scrambling to get something passed before the August recess.

Last week, Democratic Senator Thom Tillis said that the bipartisan immigration group is still talking about an amnesty deal, but most notably about asylum reform.

Immigration has spiraled out of control since Biden took office. In the last 16 months, there have been over 1.3 million illegal aliens who settled in the U.S and illegal immigrants account for two-thirds of the foreign-born population, according to a report. While the foreign-born population started to decline in 2019, since just a month before the inauguration of President Biden, that number began to steeply rise once again.

Illegal immigrants themselves claim that they are entering the U.S. because Biden is in office. They believe it will be easier. Last year, immigrants showed up to the U.S. Mexico border wearing t-shirts that said “Biden, Please Let Us In.”

The president has terminated every policy regarding immigration that Trump instituted while in office, including “Remain in Mexico,” Title 42, paused deportations and halted the construction of the wall.

The Biden administration recently announced that it would “fill the gaps” in the wall along Yuma, Arizona; however, Press Secretary Jean-Pierre said that they are not “finishing the wall, we are cleaning up the mess the prior administration left behind in their failed attempt to build the wall.”

That makes little sense. Either the administration is building the wall or not.