Democrats Are Being Asked To “Pack” The Supreme Court Again

According to reports, after the conservative majority of the Supreme Court of The United States (SCOTUS) made what Democrats saw as erroneous decisions in several instances last week, demands to fill the court with liberals were rekindled last week.

Last week, the Supreme Court issued three opinions in cases that had been keenly followed. The court invalidated President Biden’s plan to cancel student loans for students from low-income families, decided in favor of a Christian graphic designer who refused to create a wedding site for same-sex couples, and invalidated the University of North Carolina and Harvard’s race-based admissions procedures.

After former president Donald Trump’s three conservative nominees solidified the court’s conservative majority, Liberals railed at the high court, with some pushing to extend the court’s bench to weaken the conservative majority.

A report shows that Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) argued that expanding the Supreme Court was not an extreme measure.  In an email to backers of his Senate bid, Schiff reiterated his earlier request to “pack” the court, albeit he recast the term as “unpacking” the court.

Last month, Schiff received a rebuke from House members. The censure resolution said that while heading the House Intelligence Committee’s investigations against the president, Schiff misled the American people about Trump’s alleged links to Russia.

Democrat Representative for Massachusetts Ayanna Pressley and Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) argued that the idea of packing SCOTUS should be considered.

Most Americans do not want to expand the number of justices on the bench, even though most Democrats favor doing that.

Last year, Rasmussen Reports and the Heartland Institute conducted a study finding that 55% of Americans are against extending the Supreme Court to 13 judges, while 64% of Democrats are in favor of adding the additional four justices.

A majority of Democrats (53%) support eliminating the current Supreme Court and replacing it with a new, elected SCOTUS.

A majority of Democrats, 56%, think the Supreme Court is racist.

Sixty-seven percent of Democrats think the Supreme Court is sexist.

64% of Democrats support increasing the number of Supreme Court justices to 13.

As a whole, 52% of voters are either “very favorable” or “somewhat favorable” towards the Supreme Court, regardless of their political leanings. Only a third of Democrats have a positive view of SCOTUS.