Democrats Are Flooding TikTok Despite Warnings From Officials

( Many Democrats in Congress signed onto legislation that bars lawmakers from using the social media app TikTok on their work-issued cellphones and tablets.

The reasoning behind the bill is that there have been plenty of security concerns issued surrounding TikTok and the app’s owner, which is based in China.

Yet, despite that, many Democrats who are running for office this election cycle are using the exact social media app they have fought against to try to attract more voters to their cause.

A recent report in media outlet The Hill says that while TikTok is mostly known for funny videos and viral dance videos, it’s also a way that many Democratic lawmakers are trying to reach a younger crowd. With so many young voters on the platform, they are trying to take advantage of it to reel in more supporters.

They apparently don’t care about the fact that many official intelligence officials have said on multiple occasions that there are serious concerns about using the app that is run by a tech company based in China. The main concern is that the government in China could force the company to share data that they are storing on the platform.

Many lawmakers, such as Democratic Representative Raja Krishnamoorthi of Illinois, have said they are worried about there being a “back door” to the government in China through the TikTok app. As he explained:

“I would not use TikTok. If you are a [People’s Republic of China] company, or a company that is based in PRC, there are certain rules and regulations you operate under that you don’t if you are an American company, and one of those is when Uncle Chinese Communist Party, Uncle CCP, calls upon you to gain access, you can’t give them the stiff arm.”

Last year, almost every liberal in Congress backed one provision in the defense policy bill that bans all federal employees from even accessing TikTok on any device that is issued to them by the US. Federal government.

On multiple occasions, security officials and agencies in the U.S. have warned everyday Americans about the dangers of using TikTok in regard to their information being stolen or data shared with the Chinese government.

When he was in office, former President Donald Trump even threatened to ban the app completely from being used in the U.S. unless it was sold to an American company. That didn’t happen, though, before he left the White House.

Yet, all of these very serious warnings haven’t stopped many money-hungry liberals from using TikTok in their quest to get re-elected come November’s crucial midterms.

Massachusetts Representative Jake Auchincloss is one of those lawmakers. He said of TikTok recently:

“I use it because we try to communicate with constituents through every medium available. We do town halls, mailers, surveys, tele-town halls, Twitter spaces, Instagram, Facebook, door knocking, TikTok. If I thought people were going to look at smoke signals and decipher that we, we would have a smoke signal program.”

All of those other methods of communication, though, don’t pose a potential serious security risk to the U.S. like TikTok does.