Democrats Caught Stuffing Devastating Rules In Fake “Bipartisan” Infrastructure Bill

( The 2,700-page so-called “infrastructure” package has passed in the Senate, and Just The News broke down the reason why former President Donald Trump and so many MAGA Republicans are disturbed that GOP senators got on board with the plan.

Many non-infrastructure-related policies are tucked inside of the “bipartisan” plan, which are now poised to go ahead.

One of the first questionable measures noted by the website includes a massive $118 billion bailout for the Highway Trust Fund. As it stands, the HTF is funded primarily on taxes fron the sale of diesel and gas fuels. The bill doesn’t specify an exact revenue source to cover that massive $118 billion, meaning that the money will simply be handed over by the Treasury General Fund.

Another policy includes a new “vehicle miles traveled” scheme that will tax drivers based on how many miles they drive each year. The idea was suggested by Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg, which could now see Americans taxed based on the number of miles that they travel every year. How this will work, however, nobody knows.

Get ready to pay even more to drive…and to pay more for gas, too.

Perhaps one of the most disturbing parts of the plan, however, is the massive section cut out for cryptocurrencies. It will require brokers of cryptocurrency transactions to report to the IRS and will make it much harder for people to simply hold cryptocurrency assets.

The government wants to know about every single asset you own…presumably because it will make it easier for them to take it from you.

Oh, and don’t forget the provision that allows cabinet secretaries to fund select infrastructure projects with your taxpayer dollars by simply waiving the existing cost-sharing rules.

Why exactly would Republicans get behind this?