Democrats Hold A Roll Call Of Officials Who Did Not Ask Trump For A Pardon

( After the low-rated January 6 House select committee hearing alleged that several Republicans had requested a pardon from former President Trump in the wake of the 2021 Capitol riot, congressional Democrats are reduced to teasing their GOP counterparts.

Following the panel’s first session on Thursday, some Democratic legislators claimed on Twitter that they didn’t beg for a pardon after the committee alleged that several GOP senators reportedly asked Trump for a pardon after the riot.

According to reports, Sen. Brian Schatz (D-Hawaii), one of the first to tweet on the subject, stated, “I didn’t beg for a pardon.” He then asked other representatives, who should have been busy attending to their jobs instead, to play along.

Media reports show that during the select committee’s hearing on Thursday night, Rep. Liz Cheney (R-Wyo.) alleged that Rep. Scott Perry (R-Pa.) was one of the multiple lawmakers who asked Trump for a pardon in the wake of the riot. Perry’s office forcefully denied the allegation.
According to reports, Perry responded to the claim made by the elitist Republican Rep. Liz Cheney. The Pennsylvania Republican denied asking former President Trump for a pardon for his involvement in the Capitol riot. Perry posted to Twitter the next day, calling the idea that he had ever asked the president to pardon him or any members of Congress a “shameless and soulless lie.”
In January 2021, Roling Stone and CNN alleged that “many” GOP legislators who were purportedly present at the gathering at the Ellipse before the Capitol violence asked Trump for pardons.

This is nothing but a group of childish Democrats and their colluders trying to call attention away from the aging and oafish President Joe Biden. Why are there no hearings about the chaos on the US/Mexico border? Where are the prime-time hearings about fuel and food shortages and skyrocketing prices?