Democrats Just Secured Themselves A Big Advantage In Senate Midterms

( The 19FortyFive website reports that Democrats struggled last year.

COVID epidemic lingers, inflation is high, and the Afghanistan withdrawal was sloppy.
Biden’s approval ratings plunged to unprecedented lows. Biden is below Trump’s or Carter’s (both one-term presidents).

Given the “malaise,” many predicted the Democrats would lose the House and Senate in 2022. History indicates the Democrats will lose in November.

Now, the Democrats have momentum; Biden just had his best month as president. The Supreme Court’s Dobbs decision rescinding the abortion right seems to be causing an anti-GOP backlash.

Could recent developments save the Democrats’ midterms? Could Democrats hold House, Senate, or both? It’s possible. Not probable.

Biden tweeted this morning, “Today, we create history with the Inflation Reduction Act.”

According to a Senate Democrat, the Inflation Reduction Act “would make a historic down payment on deficit reduction to fight inflation, invest in domestic energy generation and industry, and reduce carbon emissions by almost 30% by 2030.”

The measure allows Medicare to negotiate prescription drug pricing and extends the ACA program through 2025. The Dems expect the Inflations Reduction Act to reduce the deficit by $300 billion or more by implementing a 15% corporate minimum tax, increasing IRS tax enforcement, investing in energy security, and more.

Last Monday, Biden signed the CHIPS and Science Act. CHIPS will invest $280 billion in semiconductor research and R&D in AI, quantum computing, advanced energy, and biotechnology. The White House said the CHIPS Act would help U.S. workers, communities, and businesses in the 21st century. It will improve American manufacturing, supply networks, national security, R&D, science, and technology. The CHIPS Act is expected to reduce US reliance on “geopolitically sensitive” semiconductor production. CHIPS is a nonpartisan effort to keep the US competitive with China’s technological progress.

Last week, Biden signed the bipartisan PACT Act.

The law expands veterans’ access to medical care and disability payouts for burn pit exposure. It also compels the VA to presume some respiratory diseases and malignancies were due to fire pit exposure, so veterans don’t have to prove they got sick to receive compensation. Republican senators first withdrew support over “unrelated expenses.” The GOP’s backlash forced them to endorse the package, giving Democrats a double-win.

Biden and the Democrats are having their best run of Biden’s presidency.

Will the Inflation Reduction Act, CHIPS, Pact, and abortion help Democrats keep Congress? Not likely.

Gas is still expensive. Ukraine’s conflict continues. Food prices are soaring. There is a housing bubble looming. Democrats pursue unpopular identity politics. Biden’s unpopularity persists.

Democrats may be able to save their legislative majority, but time is running out.