Democrats Plan To Give Illegals $20,000 Checks

( If you thought getting a $1,400 check was a bad deal after Democrats insisted you stay at home and lose your job, then how does a check of more than $20,000 for illegal aliens sound instead?

According to a Politico report from Tuesday, New York Democrats are preparing to create a fund that would set aside cash for illegal aliens and ex-convicts to receive as much as $27,000 each in direct payments. The money, they say, would be provided to help illegal aliens and ex-criminals get through the difficult economic times caused by COVID.

Talks are allegedly ongoing between New York state legislators and disgraced Democratic Governor Andrew Cuomo, with plans to get the “Excluded Workers Fund” in place as soon as possible.

Senator Jessica Ramos, a Democrat representing Queens, said that the discussions are currently ongoing with regards to “eligibility and access”…and not about whether or not it’s a good idea to set aside billions of dollars to criminals and illegal aliens.

No word on where that money is coming from, by the way…though it’s presumably paid for, at least in part, by the massive cash bailout offered to New York by the Democrats’ controversial $1.9 trillion “COVID relief” bill passed in March.

Vanessa Agudelo of the New York Immigration Coalition said that level of investment being proposed “is absolutely historic for our communities.”

A free $27,000 check is historic for any community…

“It’s the biggest investment nay state has made to provide this level of relief to those workers who have been excluded from those unemployment benefits as well as what’s been passed in the stimulus package,” she added.

Illegal aliens were not provided direct cash payment – at least, officially – during the COVID-19 pandemic precisely because they are illegal aliens and have no business being in the United States. But Democrats want to give them cash.

Politico reported that several Republicans along with their spokespeople didn’t return calls about the proposal on Tuesday, and speculated that Republicans might be allowing it to happen to show voters just how radical the Democrats have become.

An unnamed source familiar with the ongoing negotiations claimed that the Republicans “want this to pass with the most crazy terms possible so they can campaign on it.”

And at this point, there’s probably not much the Republicans can do about it anyway.

We have truly entered the era of getting something for nothing.