Democrats Remove Paid Leave From Bill Over Manchin Opposition

( In a desperate attempt to win over the support of West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin, the Democrats plan to drop paid leave from the onerous “Build Back Better” spending monstrosity.

In a report from The Hill, two sources confirmed that paid family leave will be dropped entirely – a move that will undoubtedly infuriate the progressive caucus.

The initial framework of the yet-unwritten bill included a provision for 12 weeks of paid family leave. That eventually was whittled down to four weeks in hopes of garnering Manchin’s support. But even that was rejected by the West Virginia Democrat.

Democrats had been working for days to come up with a paid leave plan Manchin would approve of. But it looks like they failed.

New York Democrat Senator Kirsten Gillibrand said last Wednesday that she was negotiating with Manchin to find a policy he is “comfortable with,” that is also “consistent” with Biden’s “values and views and vision.”

As if Joe Biden has any values. Who does she think she’s kidding?

Socialist Senator Bernie Sanders, who is driving this $3.5 trillion train wreck, sputtered in indignation at the possibility that the government won’t force employers to pay for family leave. Indulging in a little fearmongering, Sanders said that if the provision is removed from the bill, people will get fired if they have to stay home with their children.

The White House and Democrat lawmakers were banking on getting some kind of framework in place before President Biden flew off to Rome – not for the good of the nation, mind you, but to ensure old Joe had something to brag about when he met with foreign leaders.

Alas, that was not to be. No deal was reached before Biden left on Thursday, which sent old Bernie into a tizzy.

Whining that certain members are holding things up, Bernie complained that these members, who “are very few in number” think they have the right to decide what the rest of Congress should do. Fifty-two Senators oppose the bill while 48 support it. That’s not “very few in number.” Meanwhile, over in the House, Democrats only hold a 5-vote majority. Bernie was never particularly good at math.

On Sunday, ABC News/Ipsos released a poll showing that support for the two massive spending bills is not nearly as robust as Democrats pretend it is.

The survey found that 32 percent of Americans believe if the spending bills become law, they would hurt people like them. Only 25 percent say the bills would help them.