Democrats Suckerpunched By Biden’s Latest Stunt

( Although President Joe Biden has not yet made an official announcement that he will seek reelection, he has said for months that it is his “intention” to do so, and numerous articles published over the past few months have noted that knowledgeable insiders predict the announcement will be made in March or April.

He’s been gearing up for a second run for office, and his staff is developing a plan for 2024 that is very similar to their plan for 2020. Even if he has to run against Donald Trump again or some other Republican who wants to be like Trump, the president’s campaign theme will remain the same: Competent wins over insane every time.

Biden appears ready for a rematch with Trump, but it’s far from certain that he’ll have the same result in 2024 as in 2020. He has a low popularity rating (about 43%), and Trump is ahead in two recent polls: the Washington Post-ABC News poll and the Harvard CAPS-Harris

Suppose there’s one thing we’ve learned about Biden over the past two years. In that case, it’s that he’s a disaster whenever he has to toot his own horn, which is why his handlers keep him away from the press and why he frequently seems to go “missing” for a few days with very few people knowing exactly where he is when he’s not sequestered away in his Delaware home.

Similarly, his supporters are already trotting out the ludicrous talking points they’ll use to try to minimize the age factor of a second Biden president, with some insulting the intellect of the American people by claiming that Biden has more vitality at 80 than he had when he was in his 40s.

The longer Biden is forced to go to various regions of the nation to convey his message, the more difficult it will be to convince people that he is telling the truth despite the piles of video evidence proving otherwise.

A day will come when President Biden’s speeches become incomprehensible jumbles of words that not even Chief Speechwriter Jill Biden can untangle. Despite their best efforts, the media’s Biden defenders will eventually have to acknowledge the obvious: concerns about the president’s age and mental capacity will only increase.