Democrats Target Supreme Court Justices On Anniversary Of Coney Barrett

( On the first anniversary of the confirmation of Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett, a group of far-left Senate Democrats have published a report that complains about the 6-3 conservative majority on the court and calls for an extreme push to “reshape American law.”

They’re not even trying to hide the fact that they don’t care about the established system of American government – they just want control.

Far-left Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer was joined by Senators Sheldon Whitehouse and Debbie Stabenow on Tuesday in issuing a report summing up a number of so-called “conservative victories” on the court.

Yes, they described decisions made by constitutionalist judges – who interpret the constitution in the way it was meant to be interpreted – as “conservative.” Which isn’t the case.

The report is just part of a wider effort by the Democrats to change the American Supreme Court system. President Joe Biden assembled a commission as soon as he took office to explore ways to “reform” the court in a way that would allow the Democrats to take back a working majority on the court – whether that takes the form of packing the court, or rotating judges.

In short, the Democrats want to make an institution that’s not meant to be political, political.

“Amy Coney Barrett’s confirmation was just the latest success for these dark-money actors, and all signs point toward the Court continuing its assault on our Constitution and the American people going forward,” the report egregiously claims.

Dark money? Democrats spent more dark money than Republicans did several times over during the last election.

The nerve!