Democrats To Spend $500 Million In NYC To Obsess Over Sex And Race In School

( New York City authorities have reportedly decided to spend $500 million in taxpayers’ money on teaching children about sex and race in schools.

If your children are in New York City schools, now may be the time to consider homeschooling…

Last week, Amy Parker, a fifth-grade teacher, wrote on the education website “Chalkbeat” about a new initiative by the city to promote what they call a “culturally responsive education” in the public schools.

In the essay, she said that school has taught her who she was and the values she cherishes, and she says the school did this because it “didn’t assign books with characters who had gay parents” and that people like her were “overly represented” in the books she read.

Parker explained that new efforts to rectify this “injustice” will involve providing “culturally responsive and sustaining education,” or “CRSE,” which would mean choosing books for children based entirely on “diversity.” The books, she said, would focus on sexual identity and racial issues, forcing children to learn to become “agents of change.”

In other words, it’s a plan to turn children into far-left activists.

It was also announced that New York City will be assisting the teacher in her efforts by providing roughly $500 million over the next three years to ensure that the books children read are “CRSE” friendly.

You can read the full piece here.

Could it be that things need to get worse in places like New York City for people to realize how dangerous the Democrats have become?