Democrats Want Term Limits For Supreme Court

( Infuriated over President Donald Trump’s successful nomination and appointment of three freedom-minded Supreme Court justices, Democrats are now reportedly planning to introduce term limits on the Supreme Court in an effort to avoid being accused of packing the Supreme Court.

Instead, they’re just changing the way the Supreme Court has run since the founding of the United States to suit their political agenda. How is that better?

A group of Congressional Democrats have put forward a proposal that would limit how long justices sit on the court, with Rep. Ro Khanna of California at the forefront of the legislative push.

“The proposal I have has been, 18 years as a Supreme Court justice,” he said. “By the way, I’m for term limits for members of Congress and senators as well. I just think if you’re in public services, it’s a democracy, these aren’t lifetime positions, and I think that would get at the problem and de-politicize it. I don’t want to see, whether it’s for Republicans or for Democrats, the court shouldn’t be politicized.”

Which is rich, coming from a representative of a party that intends to appoint – if possible – the first-ever Black woman Supreme Court justice based solely on her race.

What is that, if not political (and racist)?

Khanna made the comments during an interview on Fox News Radio, adding that the “best way forward would be to come together on term limits.”

Democrats are really good at proposing ways to move forward together…and their plans always involve people just agreeing to whatever they say.

But Khanna has already been beaten to the punch by several Congressional Democrats, including Rep. Jerry Nadler and Senator Ed Markey, who simply proposed adding four Supreme Court justices to the bench – one more than President Donald Trump, conveniently.

Rep. Nadler claimed their idea was to “unpack” the Supreme Court, despite President Trump nominating justices only when seats became available.

The idea to pack the Supreme Court or even implement term limits might not ultimately pass – at least in this Congress. Senator Joe Manchin of West Virginia is one of two Democrat Senators to oppose removing the Senate filibuster, meaning that Democrats can only introduce these radical new ideas if they gain support from all Democrats and 10 Republicans in the Senate.

Senator Machin is also opposed to expanding the court, telling journalists on Capitol Hill last week that he believes “everyone knows I have not been in favor of expanding the court.”

Texas Representative Henry Cuellar also said that it’s a “bad idea” on a recent episode of Fox News.

So while the Democrats keep putting forward these horrifying ideas, they may not be able to pass them into law any time soon.