DeSantis Goes After Anti-Americanism By Requiring Moment Of Silence In Schools

( Republican Governor of Florida Ron DeSantis this week signed new legislation that requires all schools in his state to host a daily moment of silence to encourage children to reflect on whatever they see fitting.

He also explicitly suggested that it was a religious move, saying that children should use the daily moment of silence to “pray” or “reflect” as they see fit.

DeSantis signed the bill on Monday, meaning teachers will now be required to set aside one minute every day during the first period of school. And despite the incoming attacks from left-wing activists and Democrats, and even though DeSantis encouraged children to take part in prayer, it’s important to note that children are not required to pray during this period.

Left-wing Democratic state Rep. Omari Hardy claimed on Twitter on Monday that Republicans are saying that this isn’t about prayer in school, seemingly missing the point that children can choose to pray or not during the moment of silence.

Is this really the hill the Democrats want to die on? Preventing children from having a moment of reflection every day?

It’s important to note that the legislation wasn’t DeSantis’ brainchild, though he does appear to support it. The legislation was sponsored by state Rep. Randy Fine, a Republican, and passed in the state House with a substantial majority in a 94-24 vote, and in a 32-6 vote in the state Senate.

Combined with the recent passing of a new rule that stops teachers in Florida from teaching the highly divisive left-wing “Critical Race Theory,” which separates Americans along racial lines, Florida is increasingly becoming the best place for American parents to send their children to school.

Teachers will begin implementing the new rule on July 1, so you should probably expect a few weeks of uproar from Democrats, and the usual smears from the media misrepresenting what this legislation is really all about.

What’s so bad about prayer and reflection?