DeSantis Slams Biden’s Actions During Israel Visit

Republican presidential contender and Florida governor Ron DeSantis mocked President Joe Biden’s visit to Israel on Wednesday.

While in Gaza, President Biden committed $100 million in aid for the territory, which Hamas will appropriate for their terrorist activity, and he returned without any stuck Americans or a plan for rescuing American hostages.

His most well-known remark was that Hamas “has to learn to shoot straight,” which became a meme. DeSantis told reporters on Thursday in Anderson, South Carolina, “I don’t believe it was a good performance for him.”

DeSantis detailed the actions Biden ought to take: First and foremost is freeing the captives and giving Israel the tools it needs to root out Hamas.

The presidential hopeful questioned what Biden was doing in the background. He wondered if Biden was stifling their ability to go in and end this Hamas problem “once and for all.”

DeSantis says that is what we have to do. He made the remarks during the launch of his Veterans for DeSantis campaign. He said without taking Hamas out, it’s simply tinkering, and you’ll be back in the same violent cycle. “It’s time to stop it,” he said, “and they ought to be given the authority to do so.”

Additionally, DeSantis thinks Biden shouldn’t “take back sanctions on Iran” or “send any money to the Gaza Strip,” despite Biden’s announcement on Wednesday that $100 million would be sent to Gaza for humanitarian purposes.

It’s money Hamas is going to steal,” DeSantis replied, referring to the Palestinian militant group.

With the captives still in Gaza, DeSantis said Thursday, he’d like to see him state that we’re not going to send any money to the Gaza Strip and hopes he makes more of an effort to rescue the captives.

The White House, meanwhile, revealed the faces of our Special Ops in Israel in a photo shoot on Wednesday night. It was initially captioned, “Thank you to all the heroic first responders who have been working tirelessly in the face of Hamas terrorist strikes.”

This was a significant blunder that the White House quickly tried to walk back.