Despite Real Issues, Kamala Harris Is Going To Host Party At White House

( On Wednesday, Vice President Kamala Harris hosted five business owners of Latina decent at the White House.

The event was part of the celebrations the White House conducted for Hispanic Heritage Month, and it was held in the Vice President’s Ceremonial Office.

Harris along with Nanette Diaz Barragan, a Democratic member of the House from California, moderated a panel that had the five business owners on it. As Barragan explained:

“It’s a testament to the VP and her commitment to the Latino community, and to bring them to the table for Hispanic Heritage Month and hear from them is huge.”

Harris hosted the panel despite some serious ongoing issues at the southern border that she is apparently in charge of.

The business owners who were a part of the panel included Daniella Senior, a restaurant owner who was born in the Dominican Republic. She owns four restaurants in Washington — Bresca, Zumo, Serenata and Colada Shop.

Also on hand was Paola Moya, who owns the architectural firm Moya Design Partners. Myrna Peralta, the CEO and president of CentroNia, which is a bilingual and affordable early learning center in Washington, D.C., was the third person a part of it.

The fourth was Rosa Caldas, an engineer who founded the IT firm ZemiTek. And the final panelist was Maria Hicks, the founder of construction company Meridien.

The meeting was set so Harris could promote the Build Back Better agenda that the Biden administration is trying to push down people’s throats. Despite not getting a lot of support from even members of their own party for the bill, Harris wants to get small- and medium-sized businesses on board with the plan.

Democrats are still trying to iron out their own differences that exist on not just the $3.5 trillion social spending package, but also the $1 billion bipartisan infrastructure bill. The infrastructure bill has passed in the Senate already, but the social spending bill will need to be passed using budget reconciliation, since no Republicans are expected to support it.

At the same time, Democrats are also busy trying to figure out how to avert a full federal government shutdown that is set to kick in this week if at least a temporary spending package is passed. And, on top of that, potential catastrophe looms if the country doesn’t do something about the debt ceiling.

Moderate Democrats have said they are not in favor of the massive $3.5 trillion price tag of the spending package. Progressives in the party have been pushing it and the programs that are included in it, such as universal child care.

To try to sway other moderates, Harris was hoping to showcase business owners to them who could benefit from the social services that are a part of the Build Back Better agenda.

Simultaneously, the meeting stood as a way for Harris to promote the bipartisan infrastructure package, and how it could support the same businesses.