Dishonest D.C. Official Idiotically Claims Trump Sent In “Hitmen” To Capitol

( Far-left Capitol Police Officer Harry Dunn claimed on Tuesday during a hearing of House Speaker Pelosi’s “January 6th Committee,” that President Donald Trump was on par with people who hire hitmen to murder people on their behalf.

Dunn, whose disturbing far-left political activism was exposed this week by The National File, used the committee as an opportunity to smear former President Donald Trump and Republicans who were concerned about election fraud and misconduct by painting them with a broad brush and claiming Trump called on people to demonstrate inside the Capitol Building.

Which he didn’t.

During the hearing, which you can watch here, Dunn said Trump was like a “hitman” whereby he is hired and kills somebody. He said that in this circumstance, not only does the hitman go to jail but so does the person who hired him.

The problem with that comparison? President Donald Trump has only ever promoted peaceful protest, he has never endorsed violence, and he explicitly told people in the Capitol Building to go home. He has also never hired anybody to murder somebody.

But while we’re talking about murder…shouldn’t we be asking Dunn questions about the cold-blooded murder of Ashli Babbitt?

An example of Dunn’s extreme political views can be seen in this tweet from July 2019, in which he claims that racism is a fundamentally American concept.

In May, Dunn also posted a photograph of a new tattoo that featured a “Black” eye crying blood, with a heart that represents the “struggle of black people.”

He even provided a voiceover for the Lincoln Project.

And we’re meant to take this guy seriously as a non-political voice representing America’s police departments?

We’re not buying it.