Documentary To Investigate Prince Andrew’s Epstein Connection

( Yet another documentary on the links between Prince Andrew Duke of York and Jeffrey Epstein has been released, this time on NBC’s Peacock streaming service.

“Prince Andrew: Banished,” which aired last Wednesday, claims to explore the “tumultuous and complex life” of Prince Andrew and his ties to both Ghislaine Maxwell and Jeffrey Epstein.

It features interviews with “insiders” within the royal family, journalists, people in the Duke’s social circle, and the lawyers who represented Virginia Giuffre, the woman who sued the Duke.

One of the reporters featured in the documentary suggests that Prince Andrew believed himself to be more than just a royal; he thought “he was a celebrity.”

Now, where on earth would he get that idea?

Could it be because the British tabloid press is constantly reporting on him while their paparazzi follow him everywhere?

If you treat someone like a celebrity, don’t be surprised when he begins to think of himself as a celebrity.

It isn’t as if Andrew is a working member of the royal family anymore. He might as well embrace his celebrity status.

Last month, the UK Telegraph reported that His Majesty King Charles III wants to amend the law that outlines who can act as his official stand-in to omit Prince Andrew, as well as Princess Beatrice, and Prince Harry Duke of Suffolk.

The 1937 Regency Act allows the spouse of a monarch as well as the four people next in line to the throne to be “counsellors of the state” appearing on behalf of the monarch during official business.

According to the Telegraph, there has long been pressure for Buckingham Palace to relieve Prince Harry and Prince Andrew from their official roles and replace them with other working members of the royal family.

The Telegraph reported that the King has likely taken the necessary steps to have the law amended as soon as possible. According to the report, possible replacements for Harry and Andrew are the King’s sister, Princess Anne, and his younger brother, Prince Edward Earl of Wessex.