Does Harvey Weinstein Have COVID? Sex Offender Has “101-Degree Temperature”

( Sex offender and disgraced film producer Harvey Weinstein reportedly has a “101-degree temperature” and has been moved to an isolated part of the prison where he is serving time for various sexual assaults. TMZ reported on Tuesday that Weinstein is being “closely monitored” and may be suffering from the Chinese coronavirus.

It’s not the first time that the media has reported Weinstein as having the virus, though. Back in March, reports suggested that Weinstein had contracted the virus, and was moved to the Wende Correction Facility from Rikers prison where he was given treatment. Around 40 other prison inmates in the same facility as Weinstein tested positive for the virus at the same time.

TMZ reported that law enforcement sources told them that Weinstein was “doing poorly” and was suffering from various health problems.

“Our sources say Weinstein was tested Tuesday morning and doctors are awaiting results, but they are confident enough he has COVID that they have placed him in isolation for 72 hours,” the outlet reported. “We’re told if the test comes back positive, which they expect, he’ll be transferred to the prison hospital.”

Sources told TMZ that if the disgraced producer does indeed have the virus, then it would have a serious impact on his health as a result of other conditions he has suffered from. However, sources also said that his current condition is a “mild case” but that his health, other illnesses, and age mean that he is at serious risk.

Everyone knows by now that Weinstein is not well – or at least, that’s the image he wants to portray. During his court cases earlier in the year, Weinstein appeared using a walker and has reportedly complained of chest pains.

In related news, author Andrew Pollack noted in November that Los Angeles bowed to the “Defund the Police” movement in the summer, which resulted in the Los Angeles Police Department cutting its sexual assault unit.

“The same unit that took down predator Harvey Weinstein,” he added.

“Thank a Democrat for this.”

Somehow, it doesn’t seem like there’s much sympathy for Weinstein out there.