Does Xi Ping Have PTSD?

( 19FortyFive reports that following the 20th Communist Party Congress in China, Xi Jinping is in charge of the world’s most powerful totalitarian government ever known. What occult influences twisted him into this bloodthirsty despot who was obscenely ambitious and insecure?

What is known about Xi’s lived experience and personal viewpoint is unsettling, even though most of his life narrative is still shrouded in official secrecy. He is a man who almost definitely carries a significant number of deep and unsightly scars if any of his biographies are to be believed.

Here are a few instances of alleged abuse and psychological anguish he has experienced:

Xi Jinping was raised by two former child soldiers and likely saw brutal violence up close as early as age 15. His politically stigmatized family made him a weak and vulnerable student, an eyesore inside an institution built to groom strong men, but Xi Jinping was emasculated.

Growing up, he had to wear the used clothes and shoes from two of his older sisters, Qi Qiaoqiao and Qi An’an, hand-me-downs from girls – girls who carried his mother’s surname and not his own.

Xi’s father was disgraced by Mao’s psychotic intelligence czar, Kang Sheng, and forced to take on the role of house husband – woman’s work in man’s world. Xi’s father was sent to labor camps and solitary confinement, while his mother disowned him publicly and turned her back on her firstborn son to save her own skin. During Mao’s “Cultural Revolution,” fanatical militants broke into Xi’s house and ransacked it; his elder half-sister may have been raped and murdered.

Xi Jinping was sent to live a life of abject poverty and brutal labor in the arid hills of rural Yan’an. He read and re-read the writings of Mao Zedong and doggedly sought Communist Party membership. Xi reportedly suffered more than ten rejections. After seven years, he could return to Beijing and attend Tsinghua University even though he never went to high school. Xi’s first marriage fell apart after his bride, Ke Lingling, abandoned him for her father’s ambassador job in London.

He married Peng Liyuan; a modelesque PLA soldier turned singer, a bright star with an amazing voice. Xi would live in the shadow cast by Peng’s fame for the next two decades.

If these stories are to be believed, we must all be concerned about his mental health because Xi has his finger on China’s nuclear button,