Dog Adopted After Being Shot In The Head

A report reveals that an injured Golden Retriever dog is set to be adopted by his furever family on Saturday after he recovers from a gunshot to the head he took last weekend. His new name will be Trooper.

The former owner shackled and shot the 1-year-old, then abandoned him to die on Mount St. Helens. He was discovered on November 2 by utility workers.

The Cowlitz PUD Facebook page sent a message of gratitude to the Cowlitz PUD team for their assistance in saving the remarkable dog. The group said that the staff labor around the clock to keep the lights on, but they also step up as heroes when they see a need that has little to do with energy.

Over two miles away from the Coldwater Bridge, Trooper was discovered on Spirit Lake Highway. Cowlitz Public Utility District crews aided in transporting the dog off the freeway to the humane society, where treatment was promptly initiated.

Trooper was in bad condition, according to Darren Ullmann, director of the Cowlitz County Humane Society.

The canine was fired through the eye and lodged in his jaw, as shown on X-rays, indicating an execution-style shooting. The dog was spotted with a green Seattle Mariners tether and a leather collar.

He was sluggish to start eating because of the swelling in his face and the tight bindings around his jaw. Ullmann claims he recovered rapidly.

Ullman said the bullet hit his head but didn’t enter. It fractured and then nestled into his jawline. The shards of it are now resting on his chin and jawbone.

The humane organization nursed him back to health over the week, and on Saturday, he was adopted by a member of the crew.

Ullmann said there are approximately 125 canines at the Humane Society of Cowlitz County who have similar tales to Trooper – tales of abuse, neglect, and abandonment.

He stressed the need to place them in new homes. He said he was crossing his fingers that the Christmas season would be when individuals finally step forward to adopt one of these dogs.

The search for the person who assaulted Trooper continues. If you know anything, please call 360-577-0151 or go to Cowlitz County Animal Control’s website.