Dog Owners Should Look For These Signs

( A dog’s ability to appraise people accurately raises the question: how can we know when Fido’s simply having a bad day and is really trying to warn us to break up with our significant other?

According to dog behaviorist Kamal Fernandez, sometimes they’re just being stubborn, and other times they’re really trying to tell us something.

When it comes to communicating and understanding our intentions, dogs excel at interpreting our body language, and we can read theirs If we’re paying attention. They will tell you when they disapprove of your love interest.

Look for trends and consistency in your dog’s behavior. They will behave differently with that person because of their uncertainty about them.

Do they treat your significant other with disdain? Do they treat them as if they don’t exist, avoiding contact and acting as if they’re not there? These are the telltale signs that your dog isn’t feeling this new person and would want to leave the room.

Aggression, like growling, clearly signals that your dog doesn’t like your new lover. Think carefully because they have sent you a message that is as clear as day.

A bad sign is if they attempt to come between you and your beau.

Your dog may be trying to warn you that the person they are trying to protect you from is too physical, which is their method of doing so. But, if they feel very connected to you, this might just be envy.

If they feel left out, make it clear that your relationship doesn’t mean they won’t receive love, either!

Sometimes dogs may make their sentiments about a new mate known in the most basic way possible: by defecating or urinating on the owner’s property.

It may be a sign that your dog is uncomfortable with your potential mate if they urinate on their clothes or in the spots where they have been sitting or sleeping.

Dogs are naturally friendly creatures but may need time to warm up to a new human friend.

If they are not, finding someone willing to put in the effort is necessary. After all, canines should be treated like family.