DOJ Confirms Investigation Targeting Police

( President Biden’s Justice Department just launched a probe of the city of Phoenix and its police department as part of an ongoing campaign against policing in the United States. The news was revealed last Thursday afternoon by Assistant Attorney General Kristen Clarke.

It is the third investigation of its kind since Biden appointed failed Supreme Court justice nominee Merrick Garland as his Attorney General, and the first since Clark took over as the head of the civil rights division in May.

AG Garland said that the investigations are designed to promote “transparency and accountability,” which he says is about achieving public trust and safety. He said that he believes law enforcement shares those goals – which is obviously true.

What law enforcement likely doesn’t agree with, however, is Garland’s suggestion that the Phoenix police department may be using excessive force or even engaging in discriminatory policing practices.

It comes after a year of violent riots and unrest caused by far-left extremists and Democrat voters who wrongly asserted that the United States is systemically racist and the police should be defunded.

How does investigating a police department for discrimination, when no evidence of it exists, promote public trust and safety? Doesn’t it promote the idea that the police are guilty of what the Democrats and Black Lives Matter extremists have been claiming for the last year?

Garland also revealed that the investigation will determine whether Phoenix police violated the First Amendment by retaliating against individuals who are engaging in “protected expressive activities,” which sounds an awful lot like Garland looking to punish police officers for cracking down on Black Lives Matter and Antifa riots.

Just like Louisville and Minneapolis, who are also under investigation by the Justice Department, Phoenix saw serious riots last year after police officers shot a black 28-year-old male named Dion Johnson. This was not a racist shooting as Black Lives Matter claimed…because Johnson lunged for a police officer’s weapon and was met with deadly force to protect the lives of officers.

Is this the most extreme Department of Justice since…well…since the Obama era?