DOJ Removes Child Trafficking Information From Website

According to a report, between April and May, significant parts of the Department of Justice’s website pertaining to child sex trafficking had been erased.

Concern was raised by survivors and others working to end child trafficking when they saw alterations to the website that de-emphasized the severity of this crime.

When comparing the current version of the DOJ’s child sex trafficking homepage to an April archive, it is clear that the government had erased whole sections on the domestic sexual trafficking of children and juvenile victims of prostitution.

The report shows the original website also had a section on the international sexual trafficking of minors, which discussed the issue of child trafficking across international borders.

All Things Possible Ministries’ president and CEO, Victor Marx, explained to the media that recent website updates have caused legitimate worries.

Marx stated that the message we’re giving to our children, the criminals, and the women in general who are worried is that the government doesn’t care. 

Marx himself was a victim of child sexual assault.

Marx also pointed out that the revamped website debuted at the same time as the new film “Sound of Freedom,” which addresses the issue of child sex trafficking.  

He emphasized the value of services like the Department of Justice website assisting victims and witnesses.

Jacob Booyens’ sister was trafficked for seven years in South Africa. 

According to Jaco Booyens, who has been fighting exploitation in the United States and areas around the southern border for years,  the shift shouldn’t come as a shock.   The border has a significant role in the cause and events. According to Booyens, the increased public attention on the issue of human trafficking isn’t a surprise.

Notable sections of the web page that were removed dealt with children being trafficked over international borders and child exploitation related to the prostitution of minors. 

Members of Congress took note of the changes to the website.

According to a press release by Florida Republican Representative Anna Paulina Luna, it should come as no surprise to anyone who has seen the overt sexual grooming and assault of children that this Administration is at ease promoting,