DOJ Tries To Persecute Roger Stone

( The feds just won’t give it up.

Even after the attempted persecution of Roger Stone for made-up Russian collusion, a para-military style invasion of his home to serve an arrest, and a high-profile jury trial complete with biased jurors and a biased judge, the Biden administration is still out for blood.

This time, the pressure is coming from the IRS, which says the Trump-loyalist Stone stopped paying his back taxes and has filed a civil suit for back taxes, penalties, and interest.

After Stone was arrested in 2019, a protracted fight for his freedom ensued, depriving him and his wife of their primary source of income and requiring Stone to expend considerable resources on his legal defense. The judge in the case, Amy Berman Jackson, placed a gag order on Stone, not only ensuring he couldn’t speak in his own defense while his name was sullied in the media, but also making it impossible for Stone to make a living.

With his primary source of income gone, Stone was forced to liquidate much of his property for cash. Then Stone was faced with a difficult choice: either pay to fight for his freedom in court, or continue to pay the agreed upon installment payments of back taxes. Unsurprisingly, he chose his freedom.

Roger Stone was eventually convicted on all seven felony counts, and sentenced to forty months in prison, saved only by a commutation and later a pardon from President Trump.

As tax attorney Julio Gonzalez points out, nothing about what happened in Stone’s arrest and prosecution could have been predicted—what in contract terms is called a “force majeure.”

“In almost any other scenario like this, the IRS would work with the debtor and give the debtor a reasonable amount of time to negotiate new terms,” Gonzalez said. But that’s not what happened when the Biden administration came in. As soon as they found the case, the new Department of Justice leadership filed suit against Stone for the unpaid sum.

Obviously frustrated by their unsuccessful attempt to send Roger Stone to rot in prison for the rest of his life, liberals in power will stop at nothing to harm this man. He thumbed his nose at the wrong people and committed the highest offense: supporting President Trump.