Donald Trump Could Face Charges Over January 6th, Investigators Claim

( The corporate news media is getting excited at the mere suggestion that former President Donald Trump might get charged with the same felony many of the January 6 rioters are getting charged with. Not because the DOJ is pursuing those charges, but because Liz Cheney said Trump should be charged.

In other words, the media is getting out over its skis based on Liz Cheney’s histrionic rhetoric.

Recently, Cheney suggested that the House select committee investigating January 6 might be looking into whether Trump violated the law against obstructing official proceedings.

This is the nonsensical felony charge the DOJ is using against the people arrested for breaching the Capitol during the three-hour riot. But since Liz Cheney and the rest of the select committee aren’t conducting a criminal investigation, nor do they have the constitutional authority to do so, Liz is just dropping these kinds of bombshells to fuel media speculation.

And it’s working.

Media outlets are rounding up “former prosecutors” and other “experts” who are willing to say Trump could be charged by the DOJ under this law and the select committee might be able to hand the DOJ the evidence they need to do so.

It’s all hypothetical nonsense meant to drive readership and hand the anti-Trump Resistance the kind of story they are so eager to read.

If they wanted to factually report on Cheney’s bloviating remarks, these news outlets could probably find just as many “former prosecutors” and other “experts” who find the whole idea laughably ridiculous.

One news outlet, the Guardian, actually went to the anti-Trump lawyer and “former DOJ inspector general” Michael Bromwich for comment. Naturally, Bromwich believed the walls are closing in and Trump will be charged with a crime.

If his name sounds familiar, it should. Bromwich was one of the lawyers who represented Kavanaugh accuser Christine Blasey Ford during his confirmation hearing.

If the only “experts” you’re going to consult are already well-known Trump-haters who fell for every witch hunt and hoax “investigation” during his Presidency, it isn’t surprising they’ll back up Liz Cheney’s ludicrous claims.