Donald Trump Hints At MAGA Boycott Under One Condition

The attacks from former President Donald Trump on Florida Republican Governor Ron DeSantis just keep on coming.

Recently, Trump posted on the Truth Social site saying there isn’t “one Trump supporter” who would end up voting for DeSantis should the Florida governor end up running for president and then winning the GOP nomination. Many people have already speculated that if DeSantis were to run and win the nomination, he would potentially face a full-fledged boycott from Trump supporters.

At the same time, one of Trump’s biggest supporters, Kari Lake, sent a message of her own to DeSantis, saying he “needs to wait until 2028” if he “wants a political future.”

DeSantis hasn’t even officially filed to run for president just yet, but most people suspect that it’s an inevitability that he will do so at some point. NBC News recently reported, actually, that the Florida governor could officially file as a candidate in the next few weeks.

Trump seemingly views DeSantis as his top potential competition in the GOP primary. Polling has consistently placed DeSantis as second in line among Republican voters.

It’s not just Trump who has sent messages to DeSantis, warning him not to run. Just last week, John Rich, a famous country singer, made his own post on Truth Social that read:

“I don’t understand the logic of DeSantis running. Let’s just say he beat @realDonaldTrump in the primary (which won’t happen) but let’s hypothesize.

“If he won, there wouldn’t be one Trump supporter left that would vote for him and he would be destroyed in a general election. This is a losing proposition no matter how you look at it, so why on earth would he voluntarily head on into the wood chipper?”

Trump shared that post from Rich, adding:

“I’ve always said John Rich was a very smart guy.”

Trump has a lot of supporters from some big-name people in politics as well. Lake, a former Fox anchor who unsuccessfully ran for governor in Arizona last November, is one of the most recognizable people in the party who doesn’t hold an official title.

She’s been mentioned as a possibility for a running mate for Trump in 2024, should he end up winning the GOP nomination. Recently, Lake appeared on a podcast hosted by Rudy Giuliani, who once served as Trump’s personal lawyer.

On the podcast, she said:

“All I’m saying is I really believe DeSantis needs to realize that if he wants to have a political future he needs to wait until 2018. I think he could if he does the right thing and handles it. I think if DeSantis was to back out now, it would be really smart for him to do that.

“He has got a big career ahead of him and the question is: Does he want a big political career? If he does, I think he backs out now and supports Trump wholeheartedly and then continues to run Florida.”