Donald Trump Jr Launches Crusade To END Biden Nominee

( While President Biden has nominated some real doozies to serve in his administration – from radical “defund the police” extremists to a man who thinks he’s a woman – none are nearly as radical and dangerous as Biden’s choice to head up the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives.

David Chipman, a former ATF agent, is a rabid anti-Second Amendment radical affiliated with the anti-gun group founded by former Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords. Biden may as well have nominated David Hogg to the ATF.

Chipman supports an “assault weapon” ban that would include any semi-automatic rifle with a detachable magazine holding ammunition above .22 caliber. In other words, Chipman wants to ban and confiscate the most popular semi-automatic rifles in the country – the vast majority of which have never been used in a crime.

According to Punchbowl News, Donald Trump Junior has joined in the fight against Chipman’s confirmation. Don Jr. will make appearances on local and national TV to pressure red state Democrat Senators to oppose Chipman’s nomination. This, of course, would include Montana Senator John Tester, West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin, Arizona Senator Kyrsten Sinema, as well as New Hampshire Senator Maggie Hassan and Maine Senator Angus King.

Chipman’s nomination remains stalled largely due to a lack of Democrat support. Currently Manchin and Tester say they have not decided on whether they will support Chipman’s confirmation. Senator Sinema’s office refuses to say where she stands, adding that Sinema does not announce in advance how she will vote for nominees.

Don Jr. is urging Americans living in their states to contact their Senators and urge them to defend the Second Amendment and oppose Chipman’s confirmation.

A spokesperson for Senator Tester recently told the Washington Examiner, that Tester is reviewing Chipman’s record and testimony “to ensure he would support our brave law enforcement and respect Montanans’ Second Amendment rights.”

Clearly he won’t support anyone’s Second Amendment rights. What’s there to review?

Even a former director of the ATF objects to Chipman’s nomination. Former ATF Director Michael Sullivan told Fox News that Chipman’s anti-gun positions would politicize the ATF and erode public confidence in the agency’s ability to interpret the Gun Control Act and “various regulations around it.”

But the reality is, this is precisely why Chipman was nominated.

The Biden Administration has not been coy in its opposition to the Second Amendment or private ownership of semi-automatic rifles. Is it any wonder they selected a man like Chipman?