Donald Trump Photos Reveal How He Wants To Be Remembered

( Politico just published an extremely detailed analysis of President Donald Trump’s new office in his Mar-a-Lago resort, breaking down everything from the pictures behind him to his family photos and Coca Cola – suggesting they know how he wants to be remembered as the 45th President of the United States.

The report circles President Trump’s framed pictures of Air Force One and Mount Rushmore, a rack of challenge coins, his iPhone and Coca-Cola, and even a black Sharpie on his desk…as if a pen on a desk isn’t the most normal thing ever.

The president’s family photographs and a plaque commemorating the construction of the border wall also sit on his desk.

“The former president has a plaque marking his U.S.-Mexico border wall that was one of his main 2016 campaign promises,” Politico reports, before wrongly claiming that the president only built 80 miles of wall during his time in the White House. A total of 452 miles of wall were built during the president’s first term, which included the construction of new wall in place of old and ineffective wall.

A wooden box also sits on Trump’s desk which was reportedly given to him last week. It features his name, the presidential seal, and the phrase, “The Greatest President Ever to Serve America.” Trump was presented with the box by Rep. Clay Higgins of Louisiana and was built by Jason Tippy.

Trump even has a statue of himself behind him, which a senior White House official said was “most likely a gift that was sent in,” describing how they “get tons of those – paintings, statues, etc.”

Many have speculated that the Politico report is just another effort from the left-wing press to capitalize on his popularity, now that President Joe Biden is in office.

“There’s a whole article to tell us that Trump has a pen on his desk,” one Twitter said.

“They really miss him,” the user added.

Politico even circled the lamps behind the president, hilariously noting that the lamps are “likely Mar-a-Lago lamps based on the décor of the resort.

The family photos that sit behind the president feature his late father Fred Trump, his children, his wife Melania, his late mother Mary Anne MacLeod Trump, and a photograph from his visit to the United Kingdom in 2019.

There you have it, people. Trump has things in his office…and apparently that’s a news story.