Donald Trump Reportedly Running A “Shadow Presidency” To Keep America Safe

( CNN hasn’t given up trying to grab attention by reporting on former President Donald Trump. Now that he is out of the White House, the far-left “news” network has pivoted to covering the former president’s work outside of government…and is now suggesting that he is actually running a “shadow presidency.”

If he is, then…cool.

CNN writer Chris Cillizza, who regularly published falsehoods about conservatives, says that one benefit of “never admitting you lost a presidential election” is that you “can just keep on acting like the president.”

He didn’t reference any of the evidence that tens of thousands of votes in multiple swing states were cast by people who were registered on the National Change of Address Database, indicating possible double votes. But facts don’t matter to CNN.

In the piece, Cilizza claims that former President Donald Trump is “overseeing a sort of shadow presidency” for the base of the GOP, in which he doesn’t believe COVID-19 is a big problem, and that the 2020 election was stolen. Cillizza thinks they are bizarre claims, but he evidently hasn’t spoken to many normal Americans who agree with precisely that sentiment.

He claims that the latest example of Trump’s “shadow presidency” came on Wednesday when it was revealed that Trump had spoken with the families of members of the U.S. military who were killed in a suicide bombing outside of Kabul’s international airport in the final days of the Afghanistan withdrawal.

What’s wrong with that? If the families don’t want to speak to President Joe Biden, owing to his disastrous handling of the withdrawal that put thousands of Americans in danger and resulted in 13 American military personnel murdered in the final days of the withdrawal, then what’s wrong with them speaking to a president who actually cares about them?

If Trump really is running this so-called “shadow government,” then there are millions of people out there who stand to benefit…

You can read his full, angry piece here.