Donald Trump’s Health In “Top 10%” As 2024 Nears

( Republican Representative Ronny Jackson claimed former President Donald Trump’s health was in the “top 10 percent of everyone his age” when he checked him as the White House doctor.
Jackson, who represents Texas’ 13th congressional district, lauded Trump’s health on Newsmax on Monday. He noted that Trump doesn’t smoke or drink.
Newsmax anchor Greg Kelly noted that Jackson was known for complimenting Trump’s health as a White House physician and asked the congressman to characterize his condition.
Jackson said that people wonder why he’s so healthy because he doesn’t have a fantastic diet and doesn’t exercise much other than playing golf, but you must look at his complete life. He never drank or smoked and generally lives a relatively healthy life, so I think he’s getting the fruits of a good life early on.
The former White House doctor said that he was in fantastic form. He placed him on the treadmill and ran a heart stress test. He said he blew it out of the water and was in the top 10% of his age.
Jackson claimed he was “thorough” in his assessment of Trump, something “we haven’t seen” from the current White House doctor when it comes to President Joe Biden.

In January 2018, Jackson commended Trump’s health during his yearly physical and stated it was “very, very good” and “outstanding.”
He added that he informed the president that if he had a healthier diet during the previous 20 years, “he may live to 200.”
“He has excellent DNA, and it’s how God built him,” Jackson said.
Jackson released a video Sunday challenging President Biden to seize his AR-15 gun. He asserted that the president’s cognitive impairments are a “national security risk.”
In April, the congressman told One America News that he was not trying to make a diagnosis but that “the whole world sees that he has some challenges, he’s suffering intellectually.”
Former President Trump, who is 76 years old, recently posted about Biden’s age on his social media platform TRUTH Social. Biden is 79 years old and will turn 80 in November.
“There are many people in their 80s, and even 90s, that is as good and sharp as ever. Biden is not one of them, but it has little to do with his age. In actuality, life begins at 80!” Trump wrote.