Dr. Birx Admits She Secretly Sabotaged Donald Trump

(RepublicanInformer.com)- According to her book, Dr. Deborah Birx, who regularly briefed the COVID-19 task team on behalf of the Trump administration, doctored government response data and discreetly altered CDC guidance without authority.

Birx, who was pulled onto the White House task team by Matt Mowers (currently running for Congress in New Hampshire’s 1st Congressional District), says in her recent book ‘Silent Invasion’ that she developed a work-around for the governor’s reports she was preparing. Instead of the generic bulleted list, she’d include these recommendations in the pandemic overview and state-specific governor’s descriptions. Without administrative permission, these weekly reports couldn’t go out on Monday.  After receiving significantly modified papers, she’d reinsert what they complained about elsewhere. She’d reorganize and rebuild the bullet points so the most salient—the parts the administration objected to—didn’t come first. She shared these methods with the data team’s three report writers. Write, submit, amend, conceal, resubmit became their weekend report-writing ritual. This “trick” succeeded. They never caught this ploy, so she concluded they either reviewed the final reports too fast or didn’t conduct the word search that would have identified the objectionable wording.

Birx’s nomination was applauded by her former State Department Chief of Staff, Mowers, who tweeted:

I have the highest faith that she will ensure America is prepared for the Coronavirus pandemic. Her dedication to our nation’s health and safety is unmatched.”

Birx said that this wasn’t her only deception. She called Bob Redfield after the Atlas-influenced CDC testing guidelines were released in late August. Despite disagreeing with the guidelines, HHS and the White House urged him to post it. His Atlanta staff still prioritized sick patients. Even eight months into the epidemic, many in the White House and CDC refused to acknowledge that silent spread was crucial in viral propagation and began with social gatherings, especially among younger folks. She said they needed a workaround. She and Bob decided to update the Scott Atlas–driven testing guidelines and release them on the CDC website to protect public health. They wouldn’t ask. They were busy, so it would take a week or two, but they were dedicated to inverting the harmful message that limited testing was good.

Mowers and other Republicans ran cover for the scarfed bureaucrat.

Press reports imply that Birx’s ability to operate this way was due to Mowers’ influence.

Birx was not close to the President, but she had tight contact with the White House since Trump campaign member Matt Mowers was her chief of staff for over two years.

Within weeks, Birx opposed Trump and his staff to favor pharmaceutical lobbyists and CCP sympathizers like Anthony Fauci.

Birx is not to be trusted, ever.