Dr. Fauci Now Says Something “Sooner or Later” Might Happen As He Tries To Stay Relevant

(RepublicanInformer.com)- In a desperate attempt to keep his face on television, Doctor Doom was on Good Morning America last Thursday fearmongering that maybe, perhaps, possibly the COVID virus will mutate into variants that maybe, perhaps, possibly the vaccines will not be able to stop.

It’s almost as if Fauci wants that to happen.

Spreading his particular brand of sunshine, Fauci told George Stephanopoulos that if the country doesn’t get control over community spread, this hypothetical scenario “will happen.”

Apparently Fauci’s message of doom was his attempt to encourage Americans who have thus far not received the vaccine to get vaccinated . . . by accusing the unvaccinated of causing these hypothetical variants that haven’t happened.

Fauci tells Stephanopoulos that as the virus spreads through “the unvaccinated population,” it can mutate. Therefore the “unvaccinated population” will cause a new variant to spring up, adding that it is “possible” that this new hypothetical variant “might be” worse than the delta variant.

While the delta variant is highly contagious, data does not support the claim that it is more deadly that the original virus – something Fauci himself concedes.

In fact, viruses, as they mutate, tend to become less deadly, not more deadly.

Watch the segment:

Given how often Fauci’s predictions of doom have been wrong, at this point, it is unclear why anyone would believe him.

According to reports there are approximately 93 million Americans who have not gotten vaccinated. However, that’s about the number of Americans who contracted COVID-19 and recovered. Studies show that those who develop natural antibodies from having gotten COVID have more protection against the virus than those who receive the vaccine. So how many of those 93 million Americans already have natural antibodies to the virus?

But so long as Anthony Fauci continues to spread gloom and doom, the American news media will continue to invite him on. Fear porn during the initial pandemic boosted ratings. The media is loath to give that up. And Fauci, who has never passed up an opportunity to be on TV, is more than happy to oblige them.